Animal Health


To provide high quality breeding and advisory services to farmers at village level to improve productivity of animals, reduce cost of milk production and maximize farmer income on a sustainable basis. For animal husbandry services we have employed nearly 50 veterinary doctors and 200 inseminators to ensure proper health care & Artificial insemination activities.

Animal Health Care

  • Our inseminators carry out approximately 50,000 inseminations per month
  • Conducting free veterinary camps
  • Checking and treating animals regularly for anorexia, bloating, calf scour, mastitis, milk fever, horn injury, wounds and other illness
  • Deworming heifer calves and milch animals
  • Vaccinating on time to prevent foot and mouth disease, hemorrhagic septicemia, black quarter and anthrax
  • Detecting animals in heat and performing artificial insemination
  • Treating gynecological problems such as failure to conceive, repeaters, Anoestrum, Pyometra, ROP, Endometritis etc.
  • Performing blood tests to detect trace minerals, and then feeding mineral mixture to maintain immunity and production
  • Insurance tagging animals on purchase
  • Recording number of artificial inseminations and births, and problems such as infertility
  • Monitoring feeding patterns to prevent metabolic disorders and increase feed intake
  • Ensuring timely and proper feeding of calves and young stocks

Animal Selection Assistance

  • Purchase of animals from reliable farms/farmers, instead of rural markets
  • Selection of animals
  • Below 4 years of age,
  • From a genetically high yield cross breeds
  • Between second and third lactation, milking them at least three times (morning, evening and next morning) before the purchase
  • With medium sized teats
  • With non-pendulous evenly sized udder that is soft to touch, compact with the abdomen, and preferably with a prominent milk vein
  • Within 20 days of calving, preferably with a female calf for future milk production
  • With no vices such as kicking or butting or suffering from sub clinical mastitis

Farmer Education

  • Conducting mass contact programs, awareness night meetings, and other training classes to improve Productivity & Profitability to farmers
  • Providing timely doorstep assistance for farmers during animal emergencies

Feed Management

  • Feeding milch animals as per the requirements and matching milk production (1kg concentrate for every 2.5 Liters of milk plus 1kg for maintenance allowances)
  • Providing green fodder based on protein requirement

Cattle feed:

  • Provide the market's best quality for price,cattle feed which is formulated to maximise the cows milk yield as well as maintaining body condition

Monitory Assistance:

  • Introducing farmers to banks to help the financing of milch animals for small farmers and for mini-dairies ( 5+5, 10+10 and Project White Gold 25 animals)
  • Arranging for cattle insurance and assisting in insurance claims
  • Informing farmers of any available subsidies

Mineral Mixture supplement:

    Supplying high quality mineral mixture supplement at affordable cost to

  • Increase daily milk yield and fat content
  • Improve reproductive efficiency to reduce inter-calving period
  • Improve overall health of animals
  • Facilitate the growth and immunity of young calves, to help them attain early maturity

Assured Income:

  • Offering 100% buy-back of the milk produced
  • Offering attractive and assured fixed price
  • Paying farmers promptly
  • Establishing direct relationship with the farmer by avoiding middle men