Arun Icecreams

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First to Take the Parlour Route
The secret of Arun's success lies in its revolutionary concept of exclusive icecream parlours. Apart from launching new flavours, Arun has boldly treaded the path less travelled by opening parlours even in small towns, and in doing so has consistently retained the interest of its customers.

Parlour Standardisation

Arun icecream parlours have been hugely successful. To give them uniform and brand-specific identities, we have now established some standards. These standards will lead to enhanced brand image and customer satisfaction.

Some of the other reasons for the success of Arun Ice Creams are:

  • Ideal and convenient location
  • Well-decorated parlours where cleanliness given top priority
  • Convenient working hours (10 A.M to 10 P.M.)
  • Regular maintenance of freezer to keep them functioning at optimum levels
  • Courteous and unmatched service
  • Knowledge of product/variety among the staff
  • Ability to understand customers' needs so as to satisfactorily cater to their tastes
  • Novel and innovative promotions