Arun Icecreams

About Us

First to Take the Parlour Route

Arun Icecreams introduced the concept of exclusive franchise parlours in India. This bold decision to travel a path less traveled - reaching out to towns with a population of about 30,000 or even less, gained Arun Icecreams an edge over its competitors. While this has been a compelling factor for Arun Icecreams' strong performance over the years – innovate varieties and new flavours have also helped maintain its brand image and recognition.

Parlour Standardisation

To maintain the unique identity of its parlours, Arun Icecreams has introduced set standards that would enhance its brand image and foster better services to ensure customer satisfaction.

Other reasons contributing to the success of Arun Icecreams include:

  • Ideal and convenient location
  • Clean and well-decorated interiors
  • Convenient working hours (10 A.M to 10 P.M.)
  • Regular maintenance of freezers to maintain optimum performance
  • Courteous and unmatched service
  • Knowledge of product/variety among the staff
  • Ability to understand and cater to customers' needs
  • Innovative commercials and novel promotions

Toys with Your Ice Cream

Find out the secret hiding
beneath these smooth ice creams...
Kids will love their Toy Fantasy surprise.


Whistle Candy

Introducing the Whistle Candy from Arun Icecreams - in two distinguishing flavours.


Cream and Cookies

Did you try the all-new Cream and Cookies Icones from Arun Icecreams?