Arun Icecreams


Vanilla Blossom (Chocolate)

Enjoy the taste of rich and creamy vanilla ice cream whenever you feel like. Topped with chocolate sauce, the Vanilla Blossom (Chocolate) comes in a re-sealable and easy-to-store tub.

Vanilla Blossom (Raspberry)

Cherish your favourite vanilla flavoured ice cream, decorated with raspberry sauce, in an air-tight tub. Vanilla Blossom (Raspberry) form Arun Icecreams can be stored safely for a long time and served at your will.


Have fun with the exotic taste of fresh strawberry – packed in an impressive carry away tub. Easy to carry and a joy to eat!


Immerse your taste buds in this surprisingly thick ice cream from Arun Icecreams. Packed in an easy-to-carry tub, Vanilla gives you an experience of authentic vanilla essence in a rich and creamy ice cream.

Choco Crunch

A divine and completely chocolaty experience from Arun Icecreams. Choco Crunch is a tub full of chocolate ice cream – dotted with cashew nuts, chikki and raisin fruits – what more do you need to complete your happiness?


Dive into a rejuvenating ice cream experience with the Butterscotch tub. Filled with rich and creamy butterscotch ice cream, you will crave for more with every scoop.


When it comes to ice creams, pista is a specialty by itself. Rich pista ice cream is made richer with pista flakes and served beautifully in an easy to store tub.


Simple, classic, unbeatable. This is the deep flavour of classic chocolate – packed in a smart to handle container. Get this tub to make your day.

Fruit Salad

Dip into this delicious dessert for a filling ice cream experience. Sealed in a tub, Fruit Salad is vanilla ice cream generously poured over fresh fig fruit, pineapple, red cherry, tutty fruity, raisins, roasted cashew, and walnuts.

Almond Crisp

Feast on a healthy delight of honey and rich nuts with ice cream. Almond Crisp is flower shaped vanilla ice cream – topped with honey ripples and garnished with chocolate coated almond nuts – in a cute tub.

Raj Bhog

Experience an imperial delight with Arun Icecreams' Raj Bhog. Kesar and cardamom flavored ice cream nourished with basundhi, milk maid, saffron powder, roasted cashew, almond and pista nuts is nothing less than a royal dessert.

Mango Tango

Get bowled over by this charming combination of ripe mango and vanilla, with the Mango Tango. This ice cream has this pulpy flavour of mango filling the rich ice cream – neatly packed in a re-sealable tub.

Italian Delight

Flavour the thrilling taste of vanilla ice cream, decorated with yummy fruit syrups in addition to fried cashews and red cherry toppings. The Italian Delight from Arun Icecreams is all aboutwholesome nutrition and homemade taste. Now available in tubs.


Get your fill of the unusual and exotic. The Blackcurrant is creamy ice cream overflowing with the flavour of black-current, sealed in a stylish air-tight tub.

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Toys with Your Ice Cream

Find out the secret hiding
beneath these smooth ice creams...
Kids will love their Toy Fantasy surprise.


Whistle Candy

Introducing the Whistle Candy from Arun Icecreams - in two distinguishing flavours.


Cream and Cookies

Did you try the all-new Cream and Cookies Icones from Arun Icecreams?