Arun Icecreams



Taste the goodness of classic strawberry ice creams, from Arun Icecreams – packed in a comfortably designed cup.


Cherish this traditional treat of pure and creamy ice cream. The Vanilla Cup is filled with thick authentic flavours of vanilla.


Have you tried out this exquisite pista delight yet? Thick and creamy ice cream garnished with pista nuts, served in an attractive cup, is a nourishing experience.


Feast on this lip-smacking delight of butterscotch ice cream in a cute cup – generously topped with praline – from Arun Icecreams.


Enjoy a lip-smacking delight of Mango flavoured ice cream with mango pulp, presented in a cool cup, from Arun Icecreams.

Milk Fantasy

Experience a tongue tickling milk delight with a fine ball of milky ice cream from Arun Icecreams. The Milk Fantasy is a tasty treat filled with the goodness of pure milk.


Savor the magic of this classic combination of fruit flavours. Arun Icecreams' Mixed Fruit Cup gives you a lasting juicy ice cream experience.

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Toys with Your Ice Cream

Find out the secret hiding
beneath these smooth ice creams...
Kids will love their Toy Fantasy surprise.


Whistle Candy

Introducing the Whistle Candy from Arun Icecreams - in two distinguishing flavours.


Cream and Cookies

Did you try the all-new Cream and Cookies Icone from Arun Icecream?