Arun Icecreams


Cream and Cookies

If you like the taste of a crunchy cone along with soft creamy ice cream then you come to the right place. Choose from 5 yummy flavours which include everyone’s new favourite - cream and cookies.

Icone Choco-Vanilla

Munch the thick crunchy wafer as you sink into the mesmerising taste of creamy vanilla icecream. Wrapped in crispy biscuit wafer and topped with chocodip, the Arun ice cream's Crunchit Choco-Vanilla is a creamy treat.

Icone Strawberry

Immerse in the fruity flavour of Strawberry with the Arun Icecreams' Icone Strawberry. The crispy mini sugar cone overflowing with classic strawberry ice cream is a healthy delight to the last bite.

Icone Butterscotch

You will never get enough of this enchanting butterscotch ice cream garnished with praline. Icone Butterscotch from Arun Icecreams is a fine ball of creamy ice cream filled with the goodness of health, mounted on a crunchy sugar cone.

Icone Chocolate

Get ready for a completely chocolaty experience with the Icone Chocolate. This chocolate chip dotted chocolate ice cream, mounted on a crunchy sugar cone, is an absolute delight from Arun Icecreams.

Icone Double Chocolate

This ice cream is enough to take the chocolate lover to his/her own private paradise. The double chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips sprinkled throughout is sure satisfying the strongest chocolate cravings.

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Toys with Your Ice Cream

Find out the secret hiding
beneath these smooth ice creams...
Kids will love their Toy Fantasy surprise.


Whistle Candy

Introducing the Whistle Candy from Arun Icecreams - in two distinguishing flavours.


Cream and Cookies

Did you try the all-new Cream and Cookies Icone from Arun Icecream?