Arun Icecreams


Kulfi Maharaj

Give yourself a regal treat in a traditional style. The Kulfi Maharaj from Arun Icecreams is a royal delight - elegantly presented in an earthen pot covered with aluminium foil.

Choco Swiss

Why would you miss a joyful ice cream experience with the Choco Swiss? This wonderful treat, from Arun Icecream, is a creamy chocolate flavoured ice cream decorated with choco buttons.

Vanilla Bloom

Refresh yourself with a vanilla ice cream topped with fruit syrups, kaju and cherry. Presented in a beautiful flower shaped transparent cup, the Vanilla Bloom has all the goodness of milk and dry nuts.

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Fun Wheel

A circle of fun that blends
Chocolate and Vanilla together.


Jolly Train

Jump aboard a delightful combination
of butterscotch and chocolate



Mango and Litchi come together
to give you circles of happiness.



One part strawberry. One part
blackcurrant. All parts fun.


Yummy Bears

Blackcurrant ice cream coated in a unique chocolate coating, shaped like a bear.