Corporate Milestones


Since our establishment in 1970, Hatsun has been a pioneer in promoting dairy products. Our success story is a chronicle of quality products, innovative marketing, modern technologies, and expanding territories.

1970 : M/s. R.G. Chandramogan & Co. set up.

Arun Icecreams Launch.

1978 : First Arun Icecreams Parlour.

1986 : March- M/s. Hatsun Foods Private Limited (HFPL) incorporated as a Private Limited Company. The same year HFPL was admitted as a partner in M/s. Chandramogan & Co.

1986 : April HFPL takes over M/s. Chandramogan & Co. HFPL was allowed to register the brand name 'Arun' in its own name subject to a royalty payment of 1% on the gross icecream sales.

1991 : Icecream Factory (Atlantic) - Salem Inauguration.

1993 : Hatsun Dairy Private Limited (HDPL), promoted by M/s. Hatsun Foods Private Limited, established.
Salem Dairy - Inauguration.

1996: M/s. Hatsun Milk Food Limited (formerly known as Hatsun Foods Private Limited) goes public.

1998 : Changes name to M/s. Hatsun Agro Product Limited. Amalgamation of M/s. Hatsun Milk Products Limited with M/s. Hatsun Agro Product Limited.

2000 : Kanchipuram Dairy Acquisition.

2001 : Amalgamation of M/s. Ajith Dairy Industries Limited with M/s. Hatsun Agro Product Limited.

2003 : Amalgamation of M/s. Hatsun Foods Company Limited with M/s. Hatsun Agro Product Limited.

2004 : Dairy Ingredient Plant - Inauguration (Salem & Kanchipuram)

2007  : Dairy Ingredient Plant – 2nd Drier in Kanchipuram

2009 : Dairy Ingredient Plant - Inauguration (Palacode)