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Full Cream Milk Powder - Regular


  • Made from pure cow milk by spray drying
  • Creamy white in colour
  • Free from lumps, brown black specks, scorched particles, dirt and foreign matter
  • Pleasant aroma and clean

Analytical Facets

S.No Parameter Unit Standard
1 Moisture % by mass 3.5 Max
2 Fat % by mass 26 Min
3 Titrable Acidity (as lactic acid)-ADPI-Method % by mass 0.12 Max
4 Total Ash % by mass 7.30 Max
5 Insolubility index ml 1.0 Max
6 Scorched Particles - Disc B or Better
7 Protein % by mass 26 Min
8 Total solids % by mass 96.5 Min
S.No Parameter Unit Standard
1 Coliform cfu /0.1g Absent
2 SPC cfu /g <10000
3 E.coli cfu /0.1g Absent
4 Salmonella cfu /25g Absent
5 Shigella cfu /25g Absent
6 Staphylococcus aureus(Coagulase +ve) cfu / 0.1g Absent
7 Anaerobic Spore Count cfu /g Absent
8 Listeria monocytogens cfu /g Absent
9 Yeast and Moulds cfu /g Absent

Packing & Shelf Life

  • Packed in LDPE bag and put into Kraft paper bag
  • Pack size of 25 Kg
  • Best before 5 months from the date of manufacture when stored under cool and dry condition

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