The Friend to Farmers


Hatsun understands that its strength lies in consolidating its source – the dairy farmer. Our development policies are always based on building a strong bond with the farmer.

Hatsun is proud of making prompt and timely payments to our farmers. To avoid cash transactions, charges for Hatsun's services are deducted from the bill.


    Our farmer assistance services include but are not limited to:

  • Introducing farmers to banks to help the financing of milch animals
  • Sending veterinary doctors to visit the farmers regularly
  • Educating farmers on preferable breeds, cross fertilization, health care, and productivity
  • Providing cattle feed at procurement costs and encourage farmers to cultivate fodder crops
  • Conducting training camps, discussions and seminars for the farmers

Our support helps farmers to be more professional and productive. Unlike our competitors, Hatsun procures milk from farmers daily, assuring them a steady source of income.