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Ibaco is a nation-wide chain of icecream outlets offering customers the pleasures of a perfect icecream sundae bar. What can be better than the experience of making one's own sundae, choosing from a variety of delicious icecream flavours, sauces and toppings? Customers can indulge in an enchanting icecream experience in our cool, fun and friendly ambience or take home a pack of sheer joy.

At Ibaco, we have:

  • 36 flavours of rich and creamy icecreams
  • 10 varieties of sauces
  • 12 exciting toppings
  • List of exclusive sundaes to choose from

Belonging to the house of Hatsun, Ibaco's assortments of wholesome products are made from fresh cow milk and hygienic ingredients. This makes every scoop of Ibaco Product a complete delight for the taste buds.