With the taste of whiskey teaming up with smooth creamy icecream enriched with almond nuts and rich brownie cake, this delight is a marvelous dessert.


Filled with the pulpy essence of an extraordinary seasonal jackfruit, this one-of-a-kind icecream can be garnished with a variety of toppings.

Custard Apple Carnival

Rich icecream filled with natural custard apple pulp which can be topped with chocolate wafer, nuts or rainbow buttons and much more.

Bean Vanilla

The traditional vanilla white delight, now enriched with natural vanilla bean powder to complete the rich taste of the creamy icecream.

Strawberry Surprise

Garnish this yummy strawberry icecream with strawberry sauce and some assorted nuts and your customised strawberry delight is ready.

Belgian Chocoholic

This icecream is based on real Belgian Cocoa and is, therefore, an exceptional chocolate treat.

ButterScotch Bliss

Traditional butterscotch flavoured icecream enriched with praline, made from cashew and walnut.

Electric Black Currant

Exceptionally delightful black current icecream enriched with yummy, dried black current fruits.

Mango Mayhem

Real pulpy Ratnagiri mango essence fills the creamy-smooth icecream, which can be combined with mango sauce and dry nuts for a fantastic dessert experience.

Lichi Buddy

Mouth-watering litchi icecream is topped augmented with fresh litchi fruits to complete the exotic treat.

Fresh Strawberry

This flavoursome icecream is enhanced with rich strawberries. Perfect!

Italian Wonder

A tang of dark chocolate engulfs this icecream treat which can be decorated with a variety of sauces and toppings.

New York Fudge

The New York Fugde is vanilla & butter flavoured icecreams along with little clove Oil & cinnamon flavour enriched with nuts and chocolate chips.

Maha Raj Bhog

The flavour of an exceptional Bengali sweet is infused into an icecream, and is enriched with Milkmaid and dry nuts.


Enthuse yourself with an unusual honey flavour and fig fruit crush filled icecream. It has all the goodness of honey, fresh fruit and milk.

Fruit Bonanza

Packed with a variety of fruit, tutty fruity, raisins, Karonda and dry nuts, this special diversity of classic vanilla flavoured icecream has high nutritional values.

Almond Crunch

Rich smooth natural vanilla flavoured icecream garnished with chocolate-coated almond nuts along with honey ripples.


Toffee and malt decorate creamy vanilla and chocolate delight flavoured icecreams to give a completely different icecream experience.

Queens Toffee

Ready to taste an international flavour? Try this English Toffee flavoured icecream with cookie biscuits.

Vanilla Choco Chips

Scrumptious natural vanilla flavoured icecream enriched with chocolate button & Chocolate fudge.


A delightful combination of chocolate flavoured icecream garnished with cashew praline, toffee and caramel ripple.


Taste the goodness of nutritious nuts in the Macadamia Flavour Ice Cream with Macadamia nuts.


Creamy smooth icecream flavours with the rich natural essence of cappuccino, giving you a frozen coffee experience.

Hazelnut Case

Relish the rich flavours of tasty yet wholesome dry nuts with the Hazelnut Flavoured Ibaco icecream, enriched with Hazelnuts.

Choco Minto

Taste the twist with the Mint chocolate in which the natural fresh feeling of mint is intertwined with the rich chocolate flavours in the icecream.

Oatmeal Treat

Exclusive oatmeal desserts from Ibaco. Taste the Oatmeal Treat and let the wonderful flavour drive you nuts.


Try out these unique natural Tiramisu Flavoured delights only form Ibaco.

Caribbean Almond Fudge

Have fun with the chocolate & coffee flavoured icecream garnished with almond nuts & chocolate fudge.

Bubble Gum

Tickle your taste buds with the natural Bubble-gum flavoured icecream enriched with multi colour jelly cubes.

Awesome Orange

Here is a complete fruit experience you cannot escape from. Lose yourself in the thick flavours of pulpy orange icecreams enriched with Orange Jelly.

Dolce Latte

Taste authentic Dolce Latte flavour filled in every scoop of icecream.

Peach & Strawberry Duet

Opt for this exotic peach flavoured dessert, garnished with peach fruit crush and decorated with strawberry ripple.

Californian Pistachio

Succumb to this smooth green, creamy icecream of pista flavour, garnished with pista nuts.

No Added Sugar Vanilla

Specially created variety of icecreams for our health conscious customers. You don't have to sacrifice your desire for icecreams any more. Ibaco has specially skimmed cream icecreams with less calories and no added sugar.