Hatsun's state of the art processing and packaging plants are located in:

  • Tamil Nadu: Salem, Kancheepuram, Madurai, Palacodu, and Thalaivasal
  • Karnataka: Honnali and Belgaum in Karnataka.

After procurement and chilling, milk tankers take the tested milk to plants for the third level of quality testing and weight check. Hatsun employs at least two types of testing: Gerber Method and Eko Milk Analyser. The milk is then subjected to pasteurization, homogenization, and bacteria clarification through superior technologies.

Hatsun is India's pioneer for the homogenization processes, where the fat globules are broken and evenly distributed in the milk. At every stage, we show an unyielding commitment to preserve the quality and purity of milk. Our staffs work with one mind to enforce the tough standards set for ourselves.

Each milk packet packaged-using German technology-reaches the consumer with this assurance: The Hatsun Quality.