Objectives and Focus

  • Clean and safe milk production, for both farmer and consumer
  • Enhancing farm income through increased milk production per cow and per acre of land
  • Holistic approach towards maximization of 'on farm' fodder production, feeding and animal husbandry
  • Adoption of sustainable and scientific farm practices
    • 30% water saving using rain guns, reduces nutrient leaching into the water ways.
    • Timely farm operations to enhance yield
    • Soil testing to reduce overuse of fertilizer
    • Use of required nutrients to maximise crop yields
  • Improved labour efficiency
    • Employing one man and one woman for 30-40 animals
    • Unskilled to multiple-skilled manpower
  • Partial mechanization of farm and dairy operations
    • Milking machine, fodder harvester, chopping machine, rain gun, wheel borrows
  • Animal health care
    • Help for the selection of animals
    • Reduce animal stress
    • One calf every year
    • Prolong peak yielding period
    • Balanced feeding around the year
  • Hatsun R & D and farmer education and training programs
    • Introducing new fodder varieties and new technologies
    • Calling in farmers for training programs
    • "Hatsun Speaks" a Tamil Newsletter is circulated to all Hatsun producers periodically with new ideas, v innovating technologies and advice on relevant Agronomy and Animal Husbandry practices.

Focal Theme

  • Project White Gold is a holistic approach to increase land, water, animal and labour productivity through scientific and mechanized farm operations.
  • Balanced year round, economic feeding for performance and profitability – New shed design to give round the clock availability of green fodder and water.
  • Multi-skilled manpower to increase labour efficiency and improve quality of life.
  • Field staff – Vets and Agronomists on hand to monitor the management of the farm regularly, assist with record keeping and advice farmers on all aspects of the daily running of the famer to increase milk production and decrease the production cost of milk.
  • Our R & D team is dedicated to develop and implement new viable technologies for increased rural prosperity by dairy farming.