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World's largest producer of milk, India produces 117 million tons of milk annually, clocking an average growth rate of 4%.

The Pioneers in Dairy Products

  • Hatsun, based in South India, is the largest private sector dairy company in India, with the distinct advantage of being the most renowned distributor dealing in cow milk.
  • Arun Icecreams, the flagship brand of Hatsun, is the most popular ice cream brand, with over thousand retail outlets across South India.
  • In operation since 2003, Hatsun is a public listed company at the Mumbai Stock Exchange valued at over USD 252 million.
  • Procurement


    Hatsun Dairy Ingredients are manufactured from rich farm fresh milk collected from select high quality cows...

  • Technology


    An unyielding commitment to quality has formed the backbone of Hatsun's business ethics right from its start....